ADALIT L-3000 Power

Professional safety torch with swivelling head

Adalit L-3000 POWER torch is a high performance professional safety torch with a large digital display, a swivelling head and an elegant design. Its revolutionary optic combines a powerful and bright spot light with our unique flood and step light system.

3 LEDs of 150 lumens each with different light beams

LedEngine technology with step lighting system

Two button switches of soft touch material, ergonomic and oversized in order to guarantee easy pushing

3 different burning intensities in order to select in every moment the remaining burning time

Swivelling head with 3 positions 0º | 45º | 90º

Battery level indication in hours and minutes by means of a digital display

Easy maintenance

Stroboscopic function

Red or yellow cone for signalling available

Straight or right angle

Chargers for 1, 2, 3 or 5 torches

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