Safety industrial torch ATEX zone 1/21 with intelligent energy management

Robust, reliable and ultralight. Certified ATEX ZONE 1/21. Suitable for the most dangerous areas and confined spaces. It combines a photoluminescent bezel with a light sensor enabling the user to save battery and improve the torch burning time.

2 models available
IL-3 with 4 AAA alkalines (included)
IL-3R with rechargeable battery Li-Po / 3,7 V (included)

Light sensor enabling the user to save battery

Made with thermoplastic resin with high resistance to impacts, extreme temperatures and corrosive substances

Photoluminescent head that facilitates its location in case of accidental fall or loss

IL-3R has an emergency illumination system

3 CHARGERS AVAILABLE of 1, 3 and 5 POSITIONS (Only for IL-3R)

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